I bought this in Bangalore and it is probably the best vintage M & B that I’ve read since high school (when I was young and everything was wunderbar). There is a proper plot. There are secondary characters who are not one-dimensional. There is a super-dishy hero. There is a non-virginal heroine who isn’t shamed or ashamed of that fact. This book was written in the year of my birth, so that’s almost a miracle. 

Here’s a taste of the plot: Nicola steps in to help out her step-cousin Michael when his housekeeper/secretary takes off and leaves him and his two younger siblings in the lurch. Things tend to end in an argument between Nicola and Michael, but they manage a tenuous peace this time around and Nicola begins to appreciate just how attractive Michael is. But Michael thinks she might be into Kit, another step-cousin, and Kit might be into Nicola, and Nicola thinks Michael might be into Geraldine. Now that I’ve typed that out, I realize that it might sound remarkably farcical, but it isn’t, really. This is a just really well-done version of the old ‘they have known each other for ages and are now beginning to see each other differently’ trope, which is one of my favorites. And the misunderstandings feel genuine and not like things inserted to create the semblance of a plot. And the author treats them like equals. And he has a nickname for her. And he smiles slow, lazy smiles. And says things that are toe-curlingly sexy. It is on Scribd. Well worth looking up.